Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mohney's New Neck of the Woods

"WE MOVED on December 18th, 2011"
We've moved and are enjoying our New Home in Waxhaw!  We apologize for not sharing this fantastic praise with you all sooner, but it's been a little busy in the Mohney Homestead.  We moved the weekend before Christmas and only unpacked a few things than began packing for our trip to PA to celebrate Christmas with family.  We had a very nice time with family, but we also caught a cold virus during our time there.   When we returned home we opened the door to our New home....we had quite the job ahead of us of unpacking and organizing the house.  In the mist of that, the entire family was sick with head colds/sinus stuff.  Jim ended up with the worst sinus infection ever and was off work for almost a week recovering.  We plugged away one box at a time and in about three weeks, we had a big dent in the boxes that were laying around the house and it was beginning to feel like home. 

When we think back over the way the Lord orchestrated the entire process, it completely blows our mind.  We serve a Savior who understands us completely and truly desires the best for his children.  We are grateful to the Lord for this precious gift and are already sharing it with others.  We have a deep desire to share the love of Christ through hospitality.  A few weeks after we settled in we had several families in for food and fellowship.  With Heidi's joy to entertain,  the JAARS hospitality ministry has been a great fit for services.  This ministry reaches out to families and individuals who come to JAARS for training or volunteer service which gives us and opportunity to connect with them.  It's been such a blessing to us to hear God's story and how He's been working in their lives and ministry.

"Time to make the cookies"
Being that my main ministry is in the home with my precious boys we are always seeking out ways we can reach out to others in a practical way.  It's been really neat to see the boys eagerness to help out in the kitchen these days.  We had heard of a need for cookies to be made to share with a large group of young people coming to JAARS for a morning tour.  I had thought, this would be a great way for our boys to be involved in reaching out to others with the love of Christ through a cookie treat.  So we signed up to make 6 dozen cookies and to spread those seeds of kindness to others.  Another way we've been able to share God's love with others is connecting with families at JAARS and our local church.  Heidi has also found a MOPS program here in Waxhaw, which has been a real blessing to connect with other moms in the community and be refreshed in body, mind and soul.  Heidi has just recently started going to a ladies Bible study on Monday evenings.  She desires to deepen in her walk with Christ as she studies the book of James through a Beth Moore study which also provides accountability and encouragement with other women of faith. 
With moving to a new area we are beginning to form those relationships with others and building on that through play dates.  We have met several families with young children about the same ages as Cody and Joshua.  Our desire is to build on those relationships as we come together for play dates in each other homes and now that the weather is warming up again at the play grounds.  Here are a few pictures of the boys and their new friends!
Having lunch with our new friends

Joshua and his buddy

Cody having a fun time with his good friend Trey

Home Sweet Home
  Our New Contact Information: 
Jim and Heidi Mohney
9020 Simpson Rd
Waxhaw NC  28173
Back in the Woods again!
Our desire is to keep you up-to-date through our blog on a more regular basis.  So we can stay connected with you and share what God is doing here and around the world.  Jim is thrilled to be using his skills here in the machine shop and serving along side other in a support role to assist in the Work of Bible Translation. 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share further All God is Doing through our Newsletter!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Apple of God's Eye

A Day at the Apple Orchard in N.C.

It's so hard to believe it's Fall already here in N.C. and with that comes the joy of apple picking with our boys.  After we finished up our ICC training we felt that we needed some time away as a family to regroup and refresh.  We planned a last minute vacation to Ashville, N.C. and rented a cabin for a few days.  Well, with two little boys it's hard to find time to REST....but we did enjoy our time there and breathing in that fresh Mountain Air.  Here are some pictures of our time on Vacation.
Stopped for a picture around the Lake at the cabin.

Our last morning there....Family breakfast photo!
Our First Day there...we thought it was going to RAIN all day..we Woke up to the Sunshine...very Thankful..and took a walk around the lake that morning with the boys! 

Had Family Game night.....Joshua and Daddy playing a round of "Break the Ice" 

Cody thought this bike was cool....it was for decoration!....JUST LOVE THAT SMILE!

After the boys took their bath in the Jacuzzi tub...which was like a pool to them...we snuggled up and watched a movie before bedtime.
The cabin we rented...what a beautiful place to come away and be refreshed!

On the way home we stopped at an Apple Orchard for some Fun Family Apple picking time.  This orchard sat on top of a mountain top.  That's why it's called "Sky Top Apple Orchard".  The pictures don't do it justice for the beauty of God's creation.  

Cody and Joshua you are the Apple of God's Eye!
This was Joshua's first time picking apples...He enjoyed eating instead of picking!
Joshua following HIS BIG BROTHER.  Of course, eating his apple!
Cody is a pro at picking apples.  What precious MEMORIES!
Daddy helping Cody REACH HIGH for apples!
During our time away we praised God that we were all breathing and feeling so much better...that Mountain Air did wonders for us all.  Jim and I knew we needed to move out of the house we were renting at JAARS.  We had done a Mold Test a few week into ICC, but knew that we couldn't make a move in the middle of our training time.  There just wasn't anytime for moving out!  When we returned back at JAARS, when we opened the door of the house we could smell the must pouring out into the car port.  We had known all along that we needed to move, BUT WHERE.  Before we had left for vacation, we were told that there wasn't any housing available on grounds at JAARS until the beginning October.  That wasn't going to work for us, so we started searching off center, but most places weren't furnished.  We know God can move mountains and also knew that many of you were praying for this whole situation for us.  God answered prayer.  The very next day after we returned, the housing office told us an apartment came available long term, so we were encouraged to move out as soon as possible so we could get feeling better as a family.
In the mist of it all, we REJOICE in HIS PLAN even though we can't always see what he's doing, and why he allows us to go through such rough waters, but he's working in us for HIS glory!  We are resting in HIS PLAN for us.

ON THE MOVE AGAIN September 9th, 2011
Good Bye Elim HOUSE
Packing up the kitchen AGAIN!

Going to miss the larger Kitchen, but not the smell!


Good Bye Cody's OLD ROOM!

Good bye Joshua's Old Room

Good Bye....Mommy and Daddy's Room...this room smelled for 3 weeks like a dead MOUSE..it was nasty!

Cody was a big Helper packing up all his books again for his NEW HOUSE!


Mommy and Daddy's Room
Great LONG Hallway...but we are an upstairs apartment....its kind of hard for the boys not to run up and down...we have neighbors now!
Our Dining Room....all open into the living room
Galley Kitchen
An upstairs apartment.  It's been rather interesting with a toddler and doing laundry on the first floor.
The play ground is close by the apartment Huge PLUS!
Great open space!
Cody was thrilled to have a Bunk Bed AGAIN...and this one had a railing on it...the first night he slept on the TOP for the first time......since than not interested anymore....using the top as his Roof where he does Quiet time.

Something we've learned to tell Cody in all the transitions we've been through,..."that wherever the 4 of us are together (FAMILY) that is HOME".  That has brought such comfort to Cody and me (Heidi) as well in these past few months of all the changes and moving for us all.  There have been many tears shed these past few months..but God has been our Comfort and Strength in the mist of Adversity and he's held us up, even through all the sickness during ICC training...HE IS OUR STRONGHOLD!
The very last day of our training we did Stones of Remembrance as a time to reflect upon what God really spoke to us personally about during our time of ICC.  The entire month it seem that God was tugging on my heart...that there were things that I thought I surrendered to Him, but was still holding on too.  The song that came to my mind over and over again "I Surrender All"....my daily challenge is to give over to the Lord the things that I seem to want to have control of...and realize HE"S GOT IT ALL UNDER CONTROL...that's why I think I had such peace even in the mist of moving again.   

One evening they had Family Talent Show night during ICC.  Cody for the first time played his guitar with mommy singing "HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD"....Daddy introduced us...and shared a passage of scripture before we sang. 
So Proud of Him...he was so brave!
Stone of Remembrance Celebration
We studied the book of Ephesians throughout the month of our training....Who we are in CHRIST!
Ephesians 1:18  "I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may Know the Hope to which he has Called You, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

God's Working on Us and Through us!

Mohney's Welcome to JAARS

We first want to express our appreciation to all those who faithfully pray for us daily, your prayers have been felt and there is total comfort and power in PRAYER that surrounds us.  We also thank those who expressed their love and prayers through phone calls, e-mails and personal cards sent in the mail. We've definitely have been hit head on with spiritual warfare....especially when it came to our health and stamina these past 3 weeks.  When we moved down here we knew Joshua was struggling with a cold, which continued on for weeks and he's still battling upper Respiratory issues.  On August 3rd we moved everything off the truck into a storage container.  It was a very very HOT and Humid day--up to about 103 degree temp.  We had a great crew of men from the JAARS Aviation department come and help us in moving things into the storage container.  We rejoiced that a 40 foot container came available just in time for our stuff...it's totally stuffed to the ceiling with everything we owned.  We worked through separating things to come back to our JAARS housing for now..so it was an entire day working in the heat..and Jim over did it physically.  After that, he developed major exhaustion, and began coughing.  The very day we moved into the house, we knew that there were issues possibly with mildew or mold..since the house sat empty for quite awhile before we moved in to rent.  I (Heidi)  began taking my allergy medication right away...and in a matter of a week I was feeling better.  Joshua on the other hand wasn't getting any better, so I took him to a minute clinic..and he had pink eye, and than a few days later I ended up taking an adventurous trip to Charlotte, N.C. to a Pediatrician.
Here are a few pictures:
Unloading the tractor Trailer truck and putting everything into the container.

Looking through boxes that said "JAARS" to take back to the house.

Cody enjoyed riding Joshua's Tricycle down the ramp of the truck

Our little helper unpacking the boxes in our Temporary Housing at JAARS
Joshua had an ear infection on top of a very bad cough in his chest..the doctor was very concerned so he sent me to get chest x-rays' to make sure he didn't have pneumonia, we praised God that he didn't and after another week of coughing and anti-B he was doing much better, but in a matter of 2 days at the MK Station he picked up another cold/bug from the other kiddos, but that doesn't stop Joshua...he keeps going and going and going.  He's Totally two and growing by leaps and bounds.  He's got a love for learning and wakes up mostly every morning singing the ABC song.  I wonder where he's learned that one?  His preschool teacher expressed to us that he's teaching the other 2 year olds their ABC too.  His vocabulary has just been amazing us too.  He's becoming our little chatter box these days, he's got so much to share with us. 

Look at that BIG SMILE
With mommy and daddy going to ICC training every day, the boys have been doing super at the MK Station here at JAARS. Cody loves to go to school each day!  This transition for him has done great in increasing his awareness of others and is growing in his social skills with his peers.  It's also been a huge boost to his self-esteem. He's learning a great deal and enjoys playing with his new friends at JAARS.  We are so very encouraged by the MK Stations program and look forward to Cody continuing going 2 days a week after ICC training.

ICC (Intercultural Communication Course) Training
ICC Training Classes weekly 8 a.m.-12:00
We've been stretched in many ways through ICC in our spiritual journey with the Lord.  We've been challenged also as we step into a new culture which for us is JAARS, N.C.  Yes, this too is a very different culture than we are used too and how to adapt and become a learner in our new surroundings.  It's been a great experience to sit under such wisdom from our facilitators each day.  We've been memorizing Phil 2:1-11 individually and sharing within our groups daily how to apply these scriptures to our every day ministry and life.  
Philippians 2:4-5
Each of you should look not only to your own interest, but also to the interests of others.  Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.  

We have been blessed to meet other couples through ICC who also will be serving here at JAARS along side us in different departments.  It's been a joy getting to know their families and encourage them and them to us in these days of intense training.  Even though we've struggling for weeks with being sick..we felt the prayers because God continues to give, especially Jim, the stamina daily to go to classes.  He only miss one day, and that was because Cody stayed home from school sick too.  
We have sensed that one of the main reason we've been sick is that our bodies are just trying to get used to a new climate.  The weather has been very HOT and Humid....we spend most of our day inside and go out in the evenings to walk and ride bikes..it's still hot but not as bad.  We also believe there could be mold/mildew in our temporary housing here at JAARS.  We went out to get a MOLD Testing kit...so we'll be testing to see what the test reveals.  We may have to move to other housing because we all are still struggling with upper respiratory issues that just aren't going away.  PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS SITUATION.....we finally feel at home in this place and everything has been unpacked.  The test will show us...and we'll make our decision than...in the mean time if we did have to move out of the house...we could move into an apartment.  We'll keep you posted in the coming weeks as to what we decide to do.  We covet your prayers for our family through our training for continued stamina and strength with such a full schedule daily.  Only 1 1/2 weeks left.  Pray that we all would begin to be 100% better physically too.  
On JAARS Day August 13th Cody had his First Airplane Ride..in the Cessna 206
We are so excited to be here and look forward to beginning our assignment soon at the Machine Shop in the Hanger.  We so much loved being a part of JAARS day and hearing again how important the support role is here at JAARS to speed the work of Bible Translation.  We are thrilled to have a part in the GREAT COMMISSION.  We thank you our partners for your faithful prayers and support of our family and the ministry God has called us to serve in here at JAARS.  We would love to hear from you too!  
Here are a few more pictures from JAARS DAY....ENJOY!

The Kodiak on it's way to PNG in October